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Here at Codapay, we strive to make our customers lives easier. That's why we're bringing you our new training academy.

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A no-nonsense, lightning-fast payroll solution for umbrella companies, recruitment agencies, and accountants. Our flexible solution allows you to reallocate your resource and pay low monthly fees. Learn why businesses are switching to Codapay.

Cloud based platform

Access Codapay anywhere, at any time.

One click, one payroll

Save time by paying all workers in one click, without disruption or delays.


Complete all your basic tasks in record time, and do more with our useful functionality.


Seamlessly process thousands of workers at once.

Intuitive dashboard

Hundreds of reports available, making your data accessible to you all the time.

Free updates for life

Updates are rolled out automatically, without the need to download any files.

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Trusted to power temporary staffing payroll.

Our rapid growth is a result of word of mouth in the recruitment industry. We pride ourselves on the quality of our software and service.